Electro As was founded in March 10, 1989 by António Jesus Armindo.
Since then, through sustained growth, the company expanded its activities to include exports, with references in over a dozen countries.
The company has its own headquarters facilities with an area of 750 m2 divided into offices, warehouses, workshop, tool-making and parking, located at Rua Manuel Sousa Marques, No. 6, Maia, Portugal.
The company's share capital is 200,000.00€, it is ISO 9001 certified and accredited by the largest international companies of the Electrical sector.


ELECTRO AS positions itself on the market as a partner of big companies, either domestic or foreign, in building and maintaining electrical, electromechanical and special installations.
We work with quality and total client satisfaction in mind, with excellence as our ultimate goal. Innovation, continuous improvement and meeting deadlines are some of the supporting elements of this basis.
Safety and respect for the environment are also part of our main guidelines, as evidenced by the near absence of work-related accidents over the course of 20 years of activity.


Among other measures, ELECTRO AS has an operational strategy based on the Quality of the services it provides. Some of those measures are:

1. Continuous technical training in Safety, Environment, Quality and Hygiene at Work.
2. All used equipment complies with the project's Health and Safety Plan.
3. Equipping the the building sites with the necessary machinery, tools and installations for compliance with the project's Health and Safety Plan.
4. Permanent interaction with the personnel at the working site, analysing suggestions and proposals and promoting actions that will optimize our work's efficacy and the satisfaction of our clients.


Electro AS builds partnerships with its clients to Build and Maintain Electrical, Electromechanical and Special Installations.
Quality is our motto, and our clients' total satisfaction our goal, always striving for the excellence of our services.
Innovation, continuous improvement and meeting deadlines are some of the pillars of our activity.
The needs and expectations of our Clients are the factors that shape our course of action.
Safety, Hygiene and respect for the Environment are values that also have always been present over the course of our 20-year existence.

Our Strategy's key points:
-  Total Client Satisfaction;
-  Special focus on Meeting Deadlines, Safety and Quality;
-  Continuous training for our collaborators;
-  Permanent innovation in all areas;
-  Quality Control;
-  Risk Assessment;
-  Rigorous compliance with all legislation.